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Christopher & Brittney | summer's sweet kiss | July 15, 2022

I can remember the warmth of the sun the day Christopher and Brittney got married (like it was yesterday). I also remember them as they did their first look inside the warehouse. As the sun seeped into their photo, the gauzy, white curtain wall was the only thing separating them from their now and forever. It was absolutely breathtaking. Thinking about that moment and what they must have been feeling. The photo evokes so much emotion-the heart quickens just seeing it here.

Mauves, pinks, and white played in their color story. Beautiful pops of color in the greenery that surrounded them. Hops were used in their floral design and centerpieces were growlers. The ambiance continued with our vintage apple ladder hung from the ceiling, adorned with greenery, florals, and glass globes! Guests enjoyed special Tree House Beer options as well as a signature drink named after their pup- The Millie-Rita! This double-berry margarita was a crowd-pleaser on a hot summer evening. The cocktail hour also kicked off with a cigar bar out on the stone terrace for guests to partake in! The Summer stationary table was a cascading piece of art with seasonal goodies as well as the most popular of our passed hors d'oeuvres! Golden hour was upon us and soon, guests were invited in to take their seats, as the salad course was served. The most delicious smell of dinner wasn't far behind-wafting from the on-site kitchen ( one of the best on the shoreline, I might add) sliced filet with horseradish sauce, roasted Statler chicken with rosemary and roasted garlic, Garden cannelloni baked in marinara. Mashed potatoes with roasted garlic Chili green beans were the sides of choice. The wedding cake was a carrot cake. The cake table was also planked with choices of cannolis and mini cupcakes- Lemon raspberry and chocolate peanut butter! DELISH!

Oh, what a night! Congratulations, Christopher and Brittney! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and love, dancing under the stars!


Officiant || ❤️

Music|| Christy of Powerstation Events

Florals || Tracy of Rebel Rose Floral

Photographer || Jackie of Love Jackie Foto

Cinema || Restart Creative

Transportation || DAATCO

Wedding Party Arrival || Party Bus Joshua's Worldwide

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